So were 33% of the way through the 90-day challenge, week 4.

One month is normally not a great indicator for personal change, but it’s good to take stock of I am.

So since June 16th I’ve done 7 workouts, so ~2 a week. I was intending to do 4 a week, but it’s not been realistic workwise, plus it was my sister’s wedding..

Basically a lot of stuff came up. However, kept fairly regular to the high protein low carb dietary restriction (except my sister’s wedding, lots of cake and prosecco that day!)

So anyways, story so far:

My weight has dropped by about a kilo in a month, and according to my super inaccurate scales, my bodyfat has dropped too:

I see a bit of a visual difference visceral fat size. Lines are a little deeper and more defined maybe? Hard to say. 1.8% seems a little unlikely, but I could imagine 0.5-1%.

More noticeable is that my 500 and 200 swing time has dropped significantly:

200 Swing Time

500 Swing Time

I feel like my 500 Swing time jumped a lot at first as I got used to it, but seems to be evening out at about 21 minutes. My 500 Swing time peaked at 5:55, and it’s been a real struggle to get it lower than that. My increased time is normally because I gas myself out trying to push myself to beat the 500 swing time.

Also, swings are now incredibly boring. It’s definitely more of a mental thing than a physical thing at this point. The Kettlebell no longer feels heavy. My forearms are screaming by the end, but I can do 135 swings in a row.

Next check-in will be Week 8, I should have finished my 10’000 Swing challenge by then, I’ll probably move on to 24kg swings 200 a day with a standard powerlifting routine, just for some variety before the last 30 days.