So as part of my bid to write more in 2015, I racked my brains on interesting things to blog about.

I wrote up a big list of things I’ve worked on recently and wanted to blog about, and there seemed to be a general theme: things I did with Puppet that were sort of programmer focused.

And someone had mentioned Liberio and talked about how simple it is to make an eBook these days. And I was inspiried: I would write an eBook!

The current provisional (and naff) title is

Bringing Development Concepts to Puppet Code

My current plan is a general discussion about programming concepts and how they can be used to help you with your Puppet code:

  • Writing good commit messages
  • How to debug someone elses code
  • Acceptance Testing
  • DAMP vs DRY
  • Abstraction
  • Linting and style choices
  • Continuous Integration

I’m going to try writing these ideas as short form blog posts, then squishing them together, with some more introductions, exercises with real code maintained on Github.

I’m both excited and terrified!