This is a list of blog-posts that I occasionally reference as a short-hand when I’m trying to explain something.

The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer Really good explanation about the use of the word passionate in job adverts.

Don’t Write Code You Won’t Get Credit For Basically “why you should do things lean”, but also applies to open-source projects too.

Getting help on IRC I usually ping this over if someone’s getting into using IRC and how to use it to ask questions, especially the old classic “Is it ok to ask a question?” that drives so many crazy.

This is Phil Fish Great deconstruction of how internet over-reaction and hyperbole and how it works.

Poor UI Design can kill

Things you should never do Part 1 Why you shouldn’t throw it all away and start again: you’ll probably end up in the same place…

Git Merge considered harmful

The Git Pickaxe

Puppet Performance with a Ruby script